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The Home of the famous

Windblocker Shades

That have revolutionised the Motor Home owners Camping experience.
Welcome to our web site.
Please “hop” on to any of the lily pad leaves above to navigate around our site.

In the “Products” section you may choose the colours, and sizes you require when ordering, should you have a question please see our most frequently asked ones in the 2nd leaf above if its not there please email us.

Should you wish to see the product in situ before you purchase you are able to do this at our Macclesfield factory
 for directions to our factory please click HERE

We now offer you the choice of windblockers with or without a lightweight inner roll up membrane to afford you more privacy and more protection from the weather.
Even with the addition of membranes a full set still weighs less than 3 kilos and you can put them up and take them down in less than 10 minutes.
All end/side panels come supplied with a spring loaded pole to hang them from along with a bag to keep them in, and all have wrap around corners.
Our Shades are very versatile and offer you many combinations of use.
Two Side Shades and a Front Panel create a safari type room, we refer to this as a “Full Set” perfect for sitting out on an evening protected from draughts, warding off the chill and Insects.
Or you may consider purchasing a full Front shade the width of your
Canopy or even a narrower shade to slide along as required.
One Front Shade and a matching Side Shade make a very nice  cosy corner,
as the wind changes throughout the day, you may swap the end/side shade to the other side of your canopy (not possible with shades with an inner membrane) and slide your front Shade along your tracking.


Kindly note: Membranes are only available in either Grey or Blue.
Windblockers are available in Grey, Blue. Charcoal, Burgundy & Green
You can choose your combination when ordering.

As the windblocker material is dyed in 2000 metre batches and like wallpaper there can be variances in the shades, but this is only noticeable when the material is folded in the packet. When its up and spread out it’s hardly noticeable.

We also make wider end panels to fit the Omnistor Jumbo series, such as the
6900, 5500, 5800, 8000, which protrude further than the standard awning.
Should you have a PROSTOR AWNING,  please RING us before
purchasing as you will need a different heading tape in your front shade.

Please Ensure before ordering your van is compatible with our standard sizes
To do this please click on the  4th leaf “How to Measure”
If  they are not  we can easily make you a set that suits your measurements  and depending on workloads usually very quickly.
Windblockers for caravans click HERE
Lillypad Leisure Limited 1st Floor Sutton Mill Gunco Lane Macclesfield SK11 7JL 01625619596
Also at Unit 11 Burma Factory Estate Burma Drive Hull HU9 5SD 01482 702442
EMERGENCY MOBILE 07708770028 (Rick)
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